Who is Toronto Type?

Hi, I’m Corneil Van der Spek. I’m glad that you’re here.

In my professional life I’m a user experience designer who helps companies engage more deeply with their customers. How do you capture and sustain attention in an era of ever-multiplying screens? How you transform attention into action? Those are the questions I help companies answer.

As you’ve guessed, I’m also a bit obsessed with signs and spend my idle moments studying them when I’m around the city.

If you think about it, a sign is probably the toughest communications problem out there. A sign is limited in space (a few square metres) and constrained by time (the split-second you spend looking at it). When you study the solutions found in signs, you can learn things that apply to all sorts of other communication challenges. Over time, you can also get a glimpse of a city’s personality.

Okay, that’s nice. So this is all about you, right?


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