Canada On Foot

Canada On Foot

Here’s an eye-catching sign on the display window at The Bata Shoe Museum. The six letters of “CANADA” are snugly fitted together to form a gigantic footprint. What does this puzzle-like graphic say about our national identity?

I can’t get enough of that little A contained inside the D! It’s a quirky response to the fact that the D makes a good heel, but unfortunately isn’t the final letter of the word.

Imagine stomping through fresh snow with treads like this on your boots!


2 Responses to “Canada On Foot”

  1. Major Callisto Says:

    The window display and logo were designed by a props maser named Thomas McAneney – he does many of the windows for Bata Shoe Museum.

  2. torontotype Says:

    Thank you for your contribution, Major Callisto. Much appreciated!


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