Yaniv Fridman: To Do List

Now that July is here, it’s a great time to rethink your to do list and find ways to enjoy life more. Here is just the video to get you started. It’s by graphic designer Yaniv Fridman and to say that he has a gift for animating type and graphics is an understatement:

What’s your favourite use of type in the piece? I have a particular fondness for the “G” in “Give More”, which goes from being closed to open, but there are so many gorgeous moments to savour.

Here’s to a fantastic summer! And many thanks, Yaniv, for an inspiring message.

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One Response to “Yaniv Fridman: To Do List”

  1. Andy Says:

    It is very inspiring! Thank you for the post. I like the ending which is to ‘Start over’ again :)

    The CNE and the cool weather make me feel that Summer is coming to the end… Well it just means the beginning of the golden Autumn…

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