This wall of posters illustrates the virtue of repetition. See a word often enough and you’re likely to pay extra attention.

In this case the word is practically audible. It’s like listening to a somewhat manic language instructor.

The wonky lettering creates a playful feeling. Check out the unusual “K”. The quirky illustration is a perfect match for the eccentric appeal of the letters.

I can’t wait to try Mamaka’s spanakopita. If it’s anywhere near as flavourful as this poster, I’ll fall in love with it.



One Response to “Spanakopita”

  1. simon muscat Says:

    My studio is just around from these. So there was a big blitz with there posturing ,covering up the previous days graphite work with a variety of different, same style posters. But alas to say you will not get a chance to try their spanakopita, I think they used up their budget on paper, glue and ink!

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