Post No Bills

Post No Bills

A renegade sign maker decided to counter this Post No Bills notice with an enthusiastic call to action.

I appreciate the fact that the lettering is similar to the original. It’s like a disaffected high school student mimicking the voice of the principal, but with a message of liberation.

The word “ALL” gets the stress here, as if the sign maker expects a tidal wave of communication to be released.

When I last checked there were hardly any posters on the wall. For the time being, the prohibition is holding sway.

Update, June 23:

I neglected to mention that when I took the photo above, the head-to-head combat between Post No Bills and Post All The Bills was happening along an entire alleyway. The picture shows just one skirmish.

Recently there’s been a reaction, a barrage of posters depicting a dizzying array of Bills, many of them figures you’d recognize and also some you might not. A once spartan hoarding is now a giddy Name That Bill extravaganza.

Can you identify the Bills in the sampling below?

Post No Bills

Post All The Bills

Post All The Bills

Post No Bills

Post All The Bills

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5 Responses to “Post No Bills”

  1. Dorthy Says:

    I read in Spacing at some point about these guys. Very old news.

  2. torontotype Says:

    Hi Dorthy,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

    Yesterday The Grid featured an article on two guys who stencil images of Bills (Clinton, Cosby, Gates and Murray) in response to Post No Bills notices:

    According to the article, they started doing this in 2002. The stencilled response in my photo is just text and I don’t know if it’s by the same guys.

    By the way, there has been a subsequent response on the hoarding I photographed. I will post an update later this week.



  3. things graffiti Says:

    Hi Corneil,

    The “Post ALL the Bills!” stencil was created by different people than the Clinton, Cosby, Gates and Murray stencils, but clearly we are all on the same side ;)

    And to Dorthy, the project featured in Spacing is entirely unrelated (as discussed in The Grid).


  4. torontotype Says:

    Hi things,

    Thanks for your comment and for helping to sort things out.

    It’s fun to witness the creative energy unleashed by Post No Bills notices. I guess there’s something about that disembodied authoritarian voice that compels a response.

    By the way, I’ve had a look at your blog. Well done! I will make a point of stopping by to see what’s new.

    Long live the Bills!

    All the best,


  5. things graffiti Says:

    Thanks Corneil, I enjoy your blog as well.


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