with love from Canada

with love from Canada

This is a close up shot of a window display at a jewellery and gift shop called Labour of Love. I was captivated by the cascade of envelopes and packages, a blizzard arrested in mid-flight.

Why are hand-addressed envelopes and packages so compelling? Is it now largely due to their increasing rarity in a digital age? It’s interesting that icons of envelopes are inescapable online, even as paper envelopes become relics.

This display is a smart marketing move. Not only is it attention-grabbing, it puts you in the right mood for giving thoughtful gifts. The shop also carries a lot of unusual greeting cards.

It’s the season to escape the keyboard occasionally and pick up a pen!


3 Responses to “with love from Canada”

  1. Andy Says:

    Yeah, It looks like the envelopes and packages are taking off and flying to the destinations far far away, with the load of miss,care and love…I am impressed by the angel that you take this shot, with the sky and clouds in the background.

    Modern technology makes people well connected, maybe instantly even thousands miles away, but does it make two hearts closer? Will this accessibility actually blocking the sensitivity of our brain?

    I miss the feeling of receiving a paper letter, with the hand writing of character, both outside and side…

  2. torontotype Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your response. I like the way you see them as taking off, rather than falling. I was picturing this as a kind of snowfall, but if I see the movement going in the opposite direction, ascending, then it’s even more striking.

    I don’t think Canada Post would be too happy if we could actually send letters this way—just write an address on the envelope and watch it float off to its destination. It would be certainly be fun!


  3. Jay Says:


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