You Look Great

You Look Great

Here’s a mailbox with a gift for flattery. I wonder if the person who lives here has a crush on the mailman. It’s certainly a more enjoyable message than “No Flyers Please.”

The letters have a metallic sheen, which is not quite evident in this photo. Even though they don’t offer a detailed reflection, they call to mind the act of looking in the mirror.

Maybe there’s something narcissistic going on here and the resident customized the mailbox to guarantee getting a daily compliment.


5 Responses to “You Look Great”

  1. swtcurran Says:

    it probably helps the mail delivery person to remember to close the lid after depositing the mail – unlike my mailman. maybe i should get one of these.

  2. Zac Says:

    I saw this just the other day! I like it a lot!

  3. torontotype Says:

    Thanks for your reply, swtcurran. I like that interpretation! A psychological reward for the mailman, so he’ll remember to behave.

    Hi Zac! Yes, it’s a feel good sign, isn’t it? If you come across anything you think I should feature on the blog, please let me know.

    That goes for all readers actually. Feel free to contact me about the Toronto signs that you find compelling.

  4. Sampling Culture Says:

    Could this be by the artist Jade Rude?
    I posted something of hers on my site — and the type looks VERY SIMILAR! Maybe it’s her mailbox! :)

  5. torontotype Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment! You’re right, that does look very similar. I think it’s likely that it’s the same artist. Maybe one of us could ring the doorbell and find out!

    Your blog looks intriguing, I will be sure to explore it further.

    Thanks again!


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