The signs painted on the sides of buildings often have a ghostly quality. The letters fade into the brickwork but still persist, linking us to an older version of our city.

In this shot I chose to focus on a single letter, a magnificent “M.” It’s in great condition, so this sign may not be as old as some of the other specimens you see around town.

Beneath the letter is a credit for the company that made the sign. Imagine an anonymous painter from way back when adding this final touch, like an artist signing a canvas.


2 Responses to “M.”

  1. M. Says:

    Hey C.
    Glad to see you are posting regularly.
    I find this one particularly appealing, can’t think why…
    Hope you are well.

  2. torontotype Says:

    Haha! I see the appeal!

    Excuse me, I’m going to go hunting for a gigantic letter “C” now!

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