Wheel Alignment Centre

Wheel Alignment Centre

I have a strong affection for hand-painted signs, probably because they’re a relief to the eye after so much time looking at digital type. Their small irregularities make them uniquely expressive, like human faces.

Here’s a sign on an auto body shop with letters carefully dispersed across garage door window panes. There’s something off though—check out the final syllable of “Alignment”. Suddenly the painting style becomes a little more, well, relaxed.

It reminds me of ambitious New Year’s resolutions made on January first that go somewhat awry by the end of the month.

What do you think the story is behind this misaligned “Alignment”?


2 Responses to “Wheel Alignment Centre”

  1. David McLachlan Says:

    Hey Corneil.
    I’m guessing the window with the “ment” broke and when replaced required new lettering by someone other than the original sign painter.
    Best – Dave

  2. torontotype Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, that sounds like a credible explanation. Maybe they hired a sign painter the first time around and for the repair tried to save some money by doing the lettering themselves.


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