The Joy of Books

One of my favourite bookstores in the city is Type Books, just south of Trinity Bellwoods Park. It gives me pleasure that when I enter “toronto type” in Google, this blog and Type Books are next to each other in the search results. The bookstore may not be in my part of town, but in Google we’re neighbours.

So, you can just imagine what I kick I got to discover the following video, thanks to one of my brothers who sent me a link:

The video was created by Sean Ohlenkamp, his wife Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp and a whole bunch of volunteers, with music by Grayson Matthews. Hats off to all of them for a lovely piece of work. (Full production credits are on YouTube.)

If and when you visit this location of Type Books (at 883 Queen Street West), keep your eyes open for interesting signs in the vicinity. It’s the neighbourhood where I’ve photographed a number of the signs featured on this blog (although I won’t tell you which ones!) and there are many others worth checking out.


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