No Parking

No Parking

This is just a small excerpt from a huge mural in Kensington Market. What’s usually a stark prohibition is transformed into a B-movie extravaganza.

It makes all the other signs a driver faces in this city seem bereft of imagination, a wasteland of humdrum commands.

What if every sign in Toronto had this degree of graphic whimsy? Would we be more likely to obey instructions? Or would we be so busy grinning that we’d forget to take the orders seriously?


2 Responses to “No Parking”

  1. Nick Says:

    yay im afraid Ford might pressure wash this whimsical art away!!! thanks for sharing the photo before it disappears into tiny droplets of wasted art….

  2. torontotype Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your comment. I hope this mural is going to be there for a good long time. If you want to check out the entire thing, it’s on Augusta Avenue, just north of Dundas Street.

    One of the things I’m discovering during this project is that some of the signs I’ve featured have disappeared. Maybe I should eventually create a category for extinct signs.

    This sign, for example, has been replaced by a glossy new version. And this one has been painted over. When I took the picture I believe it was already a vacant facade, and now it’s home to a furniture store and real estate company.

    If you know of any endangered signs that are worth photographing, please let me know!



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