Jet Fuel Coffee Shop

Jet Fuel Coffee Shop

I like signs that make bold promises. This coffee shop implies here that its drinks will send you on a cosmic journey.

Take a look at how the night sky abruptly ends part way across the sign. It’s as if to say you’ll be rocketed out of slumber by their caffeinated brew, perhaps leaving the limits of the known universe behind. The dramatic distortion of the words “JET FUEL” adds to the forecast of a mind-bending trip.

The three-dimensional rocket gives this a playful feeling. Maybe the giddy possibilities of childhood are recaptured here.

Has anyone been to Jet Fuel lately? How’s the coffee?


2 Responses to “Jet Fuel Coffee Shop”

  1. 416expat Says:

    I was last in JF in Feb/10. They don’t do brew coffee, only Americano.

    I find the JF attitude to be a bit much, however – it’s generally a bike-messenger crowd and I have never managed to feel comfy there. The Dark Horse cafes at Queen & Broadview and Queen & Spadina hit the ambiance for me.

  2. torontotype Says:

    Hi 416expat, thanks for the commentary!

    I haven’t tried the Dark Horse cafés, I’ll make a point of checking them out. I was in Leslieville this past weekend and had a fantastic Americano at Mercury Espresso Bar. They have an appealing sign as well!

    Earlier the same weekend I was out in the Junction and noticed a bunch of indie coffee shops. I picked up a take out coffee at The Beet Organic Café and it was quite good.

    Anyone else have places to recommend for coffee?

    – Corneil

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