“It’s a binary world,” my Dad used to say. Then, as evidence, he’d list off a bunch of opposing pairs, like on or off. Of course it would annoy me, since my own impulse was to look for a spectrum of possibilities.

But some things really are binary, like this sign: Open or Closed. Flip it around and it changes from one state to the other. If everything in life were this clear, we’d be in good shape.

This sign has been through a lot and has the battle scars to prove it! (So has my father.)


3 Responses to “Open”

  1. Barry Says:

    Hi Corneil,

    As it happens, I have an image from this location on my blog

    See you in the New Year


  2. simon muscat Says:

    I guess we also have a back side well as a front side,which we put to good use. And stop beating up on your dad. I am sure he has a good side,just flip him over

  3. torontotype Says:

    Hi Barry, thanks for the note! That’s quite a coincidence. I guess if enough bloggers hit the streets, no corner of the city will be left undocumented!

    Simon, I like that idea of people having two sides! Don’t worry, my remarks about my Dad are meant affectionately.

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