Super Smoke

Super Smoke

Here’s a game you can play when you’re walking around the city. When a sign catches your eye, try to imagine it as a person’s voice. What would it sound like? Would it be a woman’s voice or a man’s? Would its tone be commanding? Seductive? Whimsical?

I hear the sign in this photo as a man’s voice: raspy, cigarette-damaged, hesitant. His neurons aren’t firing too quickly and he sometimes loses track of what he’s saying. “Super…” (Where was I again? Oh yeah!) “…Smoke.”

Do you hear someone different in this sign? Are there signs you’ve noticed that have a memorable voice?


One Response to “Super Smoke”

  1. simon muscat Says:

    I see the sign spoken by two different people Super by someone alive,Smoke blue by someone dying

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