I enjoy looking at signs that show the effects of weather and time. Here I’m guessing that several layers of paint have washed away, leaving the first methodical brushstrokes. The result has the appearance of Pop art: think of the flags and targets of Jasper Johns.

It’s satisfying to imagine that signs that look polished and invincible might harbour something human and vulnerable underneath.


2 Responses to “Castrol”

  1. Marinus Vanderspek Says:

    I am not very qualified to comment as you may already know but I have applied the Castrol product. On very many occasions!!!!! Whenever I used it the logo on the packagewas NOT faded. RV

  2. torontotype Says:

    Thanks Marinus! It’s interesting that logos can appear in such a huge variety of forms and contexts and still be quickly recognizable. Like human faces, they’re always changing and always identifiable. I wonder if it’s the same part of the brain that recognizes logos and faces.

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