Usually I photograph outdoor signs, but here’s an indoor one that caught my eye. You may have noticed I have a strange affection for signs with mismatched letters, and this one is particularly endearing. Even though it’s composed of an assortment of typefaces it has an orderliness to it.

Or maybe not. That orange “M” is a bit of an attention hog. I get the sense that the “C’ is secretly annoyed by its ostentatiousness but is pretending not to care, attempting a stoic indifference. It has its place at the front of the word, so why worry?


2 Responses to “Crema”

  1. Zac Kenny Says:

    I’d be content as the e; the quiet but appreciated center of the group.

  2. torontotype Says:

    Hi Zac, thanks for your observation.

    You’re right, the e is central and has an appealingly calm demeanour. I guess it doesn’t suffer from middle child syndrome.



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