Danger Trespassers May Be Electrocuted

Danger Trespassers May Be Electrocuted

This sign is brought to you by the friendly folks at the TTC. It’s blunt and unapologetic and there’s a little note of uncertainty: you “may” be electrocuted.

I’m fascinated by the symbol, that jagged red mark. Strangely enough, it makes me think less of sudden death than of love, the way it zaps you unexpectedly, leaving you electrified.

I propose that next Valentine’s Day we replace the all-too-familiar red heart with a red thunderbolt.


2 Responses to “Danger Trespassers May Be Electrocuted”

  1. simon Says:

    What I also like here is that the bolt has hit its mark, the dot. With one waiting on top

  2. torontotype Says:

    That’s funny, I didn’t really pay attention to how the bolts on the sign become part of the design. Very observant!

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