Abraham Duggan Hoppe Niman Stott

Abraham Duggan Hoppe Niman Stott

This sign is simple and enigmatic: five names in alphabetical order, each one occupying less space than the last. No hint about what the list signifies. If you don’t already know, it’s up to you to find out. That reticence is surprisingly effective and the unadorned typography adds to the impact.

Say the list aloud and it has an ominous sound, like an incantation. What mysteries await behind this green brick wall?


2 Responses to “Abraham Duggan Hoppe Niman Stott”

  1. swtcurran Says:

    now that’s abstract art! especially well balanced against the brick texture.

  2. torontotype Says:

    It’s striking, isn’t it? There’s an art to marrying type and architecture, and this is one of the better examples in the city.

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