Super Convenience Centre

Super Convenience Centre

Who knew the word “convenience” could have so much personality? I spotted this sign in the Kensington Market area and its swooping energy makes me grin.

Stare long enough at the sly curves playing against crisp angles and you’ll start to feel woozy. That seven-sided “O” is a marvel!

I haven’t been inside the store and I’d be almost reluctant to enter. How could its contents possibly match the roller coaster exuberance of the sign?


2 Responses to “Super Convenience Centre”

  1. simon muscat Says:

    Super convenience center this sign sure as it going on. Love your comment where it seems too good to be true and want to keep the illusion going .This is where I think the sly curve steps in.

  2. torontotype Says:

    Thanks Simon! I guess there’s a risk in creating a sign that over-promises, since it could lead to disappointment. Then again, there’s something touching about a store owner who is full of enthusiasm and insists on presenting the business to the world with pizzazz.

    If I ever do visit Super Convenience Centre, I will be sure to report back!

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